Tea Party? Not so bad.

So the biggest news in the political arena these days is the Tea Party. Most of these people are everyday average Americans who care deeply about their country and the direction it is headed in. So why are they taking flack for their beliefs?

If you look at the mainstream media one of their biggest complaints about the Tea Party candidates and followers is their “lack of experience.” I have one question for the critics. What have the so called “experienced” candidates already in office accomplished for us?

Let me answer that for you. Increased taxes, increased national debt, higher unemployment, loss of jobs, increased home foreclosures, bailouts, forced healthcare, weak in foreign affairs, increased national security risk, etc.

I don’t know about anyone else’s opinion, but me personally I’m willing to take my chances on new candidates, Republican or Democrat. It’s time for a shake up in Washington, and the time is now!


Long time no see!

Wow! it has been a long long time since I posted on here. Let me start off by saying the diet/workout routine is still going, going slow, but I’ve not given up. I’m not quite where I want to be but still working on it.

As for the long lapse in posting I simply have not decided exactly how and what I still want to do this site. I kind of have an idea, but the way to present and communicate it is what I am still undecided about. Hopefully soon I will have it worked out.

Now on to other matters. As most of you know the 2010 elections are coming up soon, November 12th. I will not tell anyone how to vote, I personally believe each person should vote with their heart, conscience and what they believe in. I will leave it at that.

As for me? Well let me just say the last election (2008) I was one of those that though we would be seeing “change.” And boy did we get change, me personally I do not like the change we received and the direction this country is going in.

So for this next election I have decided not to vote for anyone but to instead vote against. What do i mean by that? I’m going to vote against anyone currently in office. I think this country needs a good shake up. I’m tired of the spending, lies and empty promises Washington has to offer us. I’m tired of seeing my income and savings dwindle away as the fat cats in Washington get richer and richer.

I ask that each American educate yourselves on the matters before us, vote for who you think is best. It doesn’t matter if your Republican, Democrat, Independent a Tea Party supporter or whatever. Just do whats right and vote for what you think is right. And above all, do NOT get caught up in the lies the main stream media feeds you. Again, educate yourself on the facts.

Well that is all for today.



Today I decided to do something I have been putting off for the last few years and that is counting calories, exercising and getting a hold of my eating habits.  According to the CDC’s own website I am overweight.  Currently I am around 205lbs (6’1″), my goal is to drop to around 185-190lbs.  Although at first glance I may not appear to be overweight, I am.

It really hit me hard yesterday when I was trying on some jeans while out shopping, the jeans simply looked terrible on me, on top of that the jeans sizes I usually wear would not fit on me no matter how much I tugged and pulled, it simply was not going to happen.  So me being “hard headed” as my dad used to call me when I was a kid, I was going to blame the jeans at the store, the store simply had the wrong size on the jeans…at least that’s what I told myself.

After arriving home I decided to try on my own jeans, I would prove to the world and myself that the jeans at the store were wrong and my weight was fine.  It didn’t happen.  My jeans no longer fit me.  At that moment I decided I am going to do something about it.

So here it is the following morning and as I type this I have a notepad next to me to count my calories throughout the coming days.  It is also my goal to get more active and to do some type of exercise whether it is walking, running, weightlifting, anything to keep me active  for 30-60 minutes a day.  I know that may not sound like much, but most people including myself make excuses and claim we are “to busy” to do this or that.

It’s time to change that, starting today.



Welcome to my blog.

Now that I have your attention I’m sure you are wondering who I am and the purpose of this blog.  For starters, I will begin with the purpose of this blog.  The main purpose of this blog will be to express my “opinions” and everyday views on various topics relating to politics, sports, technology and anything else that may or may not catch my interest.

The key word to remember here is “opinion.”  I believe each and every individual on this earth is entitled to their opinion.  What sets us apart from each other is how we express our opinions.  No matter what your opinion may be I believe that we as human beings on this great earth should express them with respect, no matter if we agree or disagree with one another.

Please feel free to browse around the site.  If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please do not hesitate in letting me know.